Durham Ranger (Take 2)

Durham Ranger

Hook: Hayabusa 761 black nickel #10
Tag: Yellow floss
Butt: Peacock Herl
Rib: Oval gold tinsel
Body: Claret floss
Wing: Pair of tippet with Jungle Cock each side
Throat: Claret hackle fibres
Thread: Danville 6/0 black

The Durham Ranger is a well-known classic Atlantic salmon fly. This is a wet fly interpretation of the pattern from Ken Sawada’s 1995 book “Wet Flies”. Considerably simpler than the salmon pattern, it nonetheless retains a few of the characteristics of the classic. This is my second tying of this pattern, following some much appreciated advice, that has resulted in a significantly smoother floss body and the traditional 5 turns of gold rib on the body.